Our Commitment To Travelers:

At, the trust of our travelers is our bread and butter. And for our highly experienced Security team, protecting travelling data is their top priority. If you’d like to read more detail on our Privacy policy and how we use and store your data, head along to our Privacy policy Page.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy:

Keeping traveller’s information safe and secure is a top priority and a core company value for us at We welcome the contribution of external security researchers and look forward to awarding them for their invaluable contribution to the security of all travellers.

Security Help:

If there’s one thing that could take the shine off your travel plans, its getting hacked or phished. The good news is, there are some very easy steps you take to protect yourself online.



(1) How to spot suspicious emails or texts:

Phishes often impersonate real companies to try and steal your information. They might create a fake website that looks like ours, or send emails and texts that pretend to be from us.

(2) Personal details that phishing scams typically target include:

  • (i) Any payment details (card numbers, account numbers, PIN codes, etc).
  • (ii) Your account password or answers to security questions.
  • (iii) Any identifying numbers, like social security or tax I.D.
  • (iv) Always be suspicious of messages that ask you to reveal this sort of would only ask you for personal information over email if you initiate communication with our customer support service (although, this will never include your password).

(3) How to keep your computer secure:

  • (i) Another way cyber criminals steal information is by infecting your computer with malware (software that attacks your computer to access passwords and other info) or viruses (a code or program that can steal data, log keystrokes, send spam to your contacts, etc).
  • (ii) An infection might not be immediately obvious. But it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of infection, so that you can fight it. Signs that your computer may be infected include:
  • - Unusually slow load times
  • - Lots of ‘spammy’ pop-up windows or ads
  • - Sudden reboots, crashes or freezes
  • - Bear in mind that you’ll need to regularly install all the latest updates for this ‘good’ software, as malware and viruses are always changing and developing.

(4) How to report security flaws:

Have you spotted a security vulnerability in any of our services? We encourage you to tell us about it ASAP, and to not reveal the vulnerability publicly until it’s fixed. We fully review these reports, act quickly to fix any problems, and are grateful for the assistance.


For Families, Friends and Corporate Groups

Online Check-in

Every passenger with a check-in baggage of minimum 15 kgs.

Discounted Fares

Book for a group of 4 or more and enjoy special benefits.


Free hand baggage allowance, carriage of sporting goods, pets and many more.

Minimum Down Payment

Secure a group’s reservation with a simple booking fee and settle the balance 21 days prior to departure.

Travel Agent's Expertise

Using a travel agent’s expertise can help you book the best deal on your flights.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Dedicated helpdesk for group travellers.

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